Moving is not easy

and it usually coincides with moments in your life when you are busy organizing roommates, international relocation, a new job, a marriage, a baby, a growing family, or care for your parents. Muvora is the caretaker app that helps you quickly and easily arrange everything you need to move in Germany with the few taps of a finger.

Why Muvora?

Where should you start planning your move? What's the first step? The second? The third? Who should you hire, and how do you know they will be the best partners for your move? Get everything you need in an organized, timely to-do list. A good moving team? Check. Street posted for the moving van? Check. Reliable care for your pets? Check. Address change? Check. New internet connection? Check. Be guided through each step of your move in Germany and work with vetted partners and providers that can best meet your needs.

Your Moving Checklist

Switch energy provider

Find the cheapest energy provider for your new home

Address change

Notify all providers about your change of address

Set up mail forwarding

Ensure that letters and packages arrive at your new location

Renovate the apartment

Your presence has left its mark on your apartment? It doesn't matter!

Find moving company

Don't want to carry furniture? Get a moving company!

Rent a van

Find the cheapest moving van for your relocation

Apply for a no-stopping zone

Want to park the van in front of the house? Apply for a no-stopping zone.

Get moving boxes

Get your moving boxes in time before your move.

Take out home insurance

To make sure your belongings are safe from day one.

Catering for moving helpers

Working hard makes hungry and thirsty. Take good care of your helpers!

Get cleaning supplies

A move is a great opportunity for getting everything thoroughly cleaned. Don't forget!

Muvora is powered by VertragsAtlas

Overview Of our Services

VertragsAtlas is the digital vault for all your household contracts and allows you to optimize the relationships with your providers so you always get the best deal.

  • Contract Reminder

    You don't want to miss another termination period? Set a reminder and we will notify you before your contract is up for renewal.

    Set up a Contract Reminder
  • Contract Termination

    Do you want to cancel contracts safely and hassle-free? Save time by using our termination template. We will send your termination to your provider, at no cost to you.

    Cancel a contract
  • Contract Optimization

    Do you want more bang for your buck? Our contract experts will find the cheapest rates for you.

    Optimize your contracts
  • Contract Digitization

    No more paper chaos. With VertragsAtlas, you have access to all important contract details at all times, no matter where you are.

    Digitize your contracts

Let’s take care of your move.

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